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"The 3 Steps I Used To Build 7 Figure Sales Funnels At SendJim..."
Without Being A Designer, Copywriter, Or Marketer...
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With Derreck Smallwood

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In This Free Training Class, I Will Go Behind The Scenes On How I Built So Many Lucrative Funnels For So Many Influencers...

You Will Also Discover...
Secret #1: How to position yourself as the best solution without “marrying marketing”.
Secret #2: How to sell with stories without feeling like a sleazy car salesman.
Secret #3: How to bridge the gap between strategy and execution without becoming a guru
What You'll Get On The Other Side!!!
Video #1 - Exactly How We Build Offers From Scratch and Infuse Emotion into the Sales Process
Video #2 - Template Systems You Can Integrate with ONE CLICK AND the Support You Need to ACTUALLY BENEFIT FROM IT
Video #3 - Website Home Pages Designed to Convert Traffic Into Booked Appointments
"Hey, I am Joshua Latimer, Co-founder of Sendjim. I have had the pleasure of working with Derreck for many many years! When we first started working together, my software company was super small and we had a long way to go in terms of operations, strategy, the technical side, and things like that. Derreck was there as a “right-hand-man” for me during the whole time! Fast forward to today we have made millions of dollars online, and a lot of that is thanks to Derreck! So if you are stuck or need high level expertise, Derreck is the person to go to! He has integrity, is really really smart...like REALLY smart, is a super nerd, understand business, marketing, systems, and all the architectural pieces that need to connect together to get your business to have explosive growth! Just like what he did for us at SendJim! I seriously encourage anyone to talk to Derreck and highly recommend him!"
Joshua Latimer, CEO of SendJim
"Hi there, I'm Chris Philips, President and Co-Founder of SendJim, and If you are thinking about working with Derreck, I highly recommend it. He is talented and very smart, but most of all he really cares about people. He cares about his team and he cares about the people he works for! He has assembled a great team of people around him if you work with him you will be getting a person who really cares about what he does and who he works for! Derreck and his team really do have the ability to get you where you want to go!
Chris Phillips, President of SendJim
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